Entrepreneurship Masterclass

Learn to build a business in our one-year masterclass.

The old economy is blowing up in our faces. We are in a race against time. We need entrepreneurs who show alternatives. We have the chance to build a better world. More loving, witty, sensitive and artistic than has ever been possible before.

But we have to step into the ring ourselves, get it going ourselves, undertake it ourselves. Not leave it to the mere profit maximizers.

Learn to become an entrepreneur.

Why Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship offers the opportunity to work with unconventional ideas and perspectives and, precisely in this way, to break up established structures. The economic and cultural development of society also depends on entrepreneurial initiatives. In particular, those that do not just constantly tickle out new needs, but respond to existing problems with economic, social, but also artistic imagination: Entrepreneurship as open, creative action.

For this purpose, we have developed the Entrepreneurship Masterclass based on many years of experience in teaching entrepreneurship and building successful companies. We support you to work on your own ideas and to create a company out of them.

The Masterclass supports you - with feedback and guidance - to develop a mature business concept.

A successful start-up requires good and intensive preparation. Expecting economic initiative from others, propagating optimism, demanding a willingness to take risks, distributing subsidies and formulating a few catchy slogans are not enough.

The Entrepreneurship Masterclass, on the other hand, shows how it can work. The following pages provide an overview of the Masterclass program. In addition, the individual contents of the modules are explained and placed in a common context. The program is made up of different elements. These are explained below.

Let’s allow our ideas to shape a better world.


The program includes content from Prof. Faltin as well as input from other entrepreneurship experts. The Masterclass mainly takes place online, but there are also offline sessions.

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During the Masterclass you will have the chance to meet many successful entrepreneurs. Check them out!

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Registration for the current Masterclass is only open to alumni.

Note: the Entrepreneurship Masterclass will be held in German only!!

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„The Entrepreneurial Design method showed me the way to turn an idea into a business.”

Wolfgang Kunz | Waschkampagne
1 / 5

„I became a Serial Entrepreneur!”

Rafael Kugel | Havelwasser
1 / 5

„We have set up several times before. But the component model was our breakthrough.”

Stefan Arndt | LebePur
1 / 5

„From the Summit into the Lion's Den.”

Daniel Duarte | Koawach
1 / 5

„The Entrepreneurship Campus showed me that it's important to get involved in business to make a difference.”

Martin Lipsdorf | Laktasekampagne


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